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At Potential Project, we love to explore and unpack the pressing questions of our working world. We host a variety of events throughout the year, featuring clients, academic experts and thought leaders, engaged in important conversations about our ever-evolving world of work. We welcome you to join us for one (or many) of our virtual events listed below.

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The Kindness Recharge: Unleash the Benefits of Kindness

As we celebrate World Kindness Day on November 13, we bring you a series of sessions to rewire and recharge your mind for kindness!

Even in the best of times, our minds are wired to feel negative emotions. But we have tremendous power to choose how we react. If we train ourselves to respond with kindness, our default reaction becomes kindness. Imagine what a difference that could make in the world today.

Join us for a 15-minute Kindness Recharge session: 10 minutes of restorative mindfulness practice, tips for deepening kindness in your daily work and life, and shared community and connection.

Kindness Recharge Dates and Times:

  • Session 1 (Kindness to Others): Friday, November 12: 9:00am CET / 4:00pm HKT
  • Session 2 (Kindness to Self): Friday, November 12: 12:00pm EST / 6:00pm CET
  • Session 3 (Kindness at Work): Tuesday, November 23: 9:00am CET / 4:00pm HKT
  • Session 4 (Kindness in the World): Tuesday, November 23: 12:00pm EST / 6:00pm CET
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On Demand Events

Inner Circle Fall 2021: People Plans, Not Office Plans: A Fresh Take on Hybrid Work

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Leadership Reimagined with Chris Toth

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